Honeybee Fabrics accepts all major credit cards Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover

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Shipping & Order Information

I am happy to reduce the shipping costs for single pattern, notion or book orders and if I can fit your order in a smaller Priority Mail package I can save you money that way too!!! Please note that because of the nature of being an online only business, I do not offer a local delivery service. Also I am not open to the public. I appreciate your understanding.

Shipping will be via UPS or Priority Mail unless otherwise requested.  The rates are as follows:

0.00 to $30.00                           $6.95

$30.01 to $40.00                       $7.95

$40.01 to $60.00                     $11.95

$60.01 to $90.00                     $14.35

$90.01 to $120.00                   $15.95

$120.01 to $150                      $17.50

$150.01 to 175.00                   $18.50

$175.01 to $200.00                 $19.75

$201.00 to $250.00                 $21.95

Any amount larger than above, I will get a quote from the post office. I do my best to provide the lowest cost for shipping and handling. Especially when I can fit the items into the smaller envelopes or only one or two patterns are ordered. Also there is a credit card fee the credit card processing company charges me to accept each credit card. That is included in the shipping and handling fees. I will always do my best to never charge you more than I am charged for the shipping and handling. If you have any questions about shipping and handling, please feel free to email me at info@honeybeefabrics.com

Domestic Shipping Insurance & Delivery Confirmation

Please note that the post office is now tracking all packages sent through Priority Mail. A tracking number is built into the bar code and it will confirm that your package did arrive to you. This is also incorporated into the price of domestic and foreign shipping.

International Shipping & Handling Fees

Priority Mail Flat Rate Envelopes to Canada are $23.95

Priority Mail Flat Rate Envelopes to all other countries $33.95

There is a $3.50 fee on all orders paid by Paypal

Honeybee Fabrics is not responsible for the receipt of international shipping.  Your order will be sent via the least expensive method.  However, if the customer wants tracking or insurance, they need to request it from us and we will then bill them the applicable rate.  If tracking or insurance is purchased and the package is not received, we will assist in the tracking request but we will not be responsible for receipt of the package.  Pleae also note we are not responsible for packages that are lost or damaged by the mail. We take every step possible to assure that your order is packed safely.

Global Priority:  Honeybee Fabrics ships Global Priority Mail to all countries that are on the Global Priority system.  Global Priority Mail to Mexico, Canada, etc. is billed at actual shipping costs.  In almost every case, Global Priority Mail is less expensive than surface mail.  Your shipment should arrive in approximately 1 week rather than 6 to 8 weeks with surface shipment.  Orders weighing over 4 lbs or more won't fit into the USPS large flat rate envelope and will be billed as quoted by the USPS.  Global Priority flat rate envelopes are $11.95 and can take up to 4 lbs.  Global Priority boxes are $37.00.

Non-Global Priority Countries:  The rates on shipping to non-Global Priority Mail Countries can vary greatly.   Please let us know when placing your order whether you would prefer surface or air shipping.  Shipping charges will be billed as quoted by the US Post Office.

Please note that orders are filled in the order in which they are received.  If you order from a particular bolt of fabric that other customer orders prior to yours have ordered, you will be sent the remaining amount of fabric on the bolt.  This may not be the entire amount that you requested.  If you have a problem with this, please email us regarding your order with specific instructions not to ship unless entire yardage is met.  Also, keep in mind we are happy to help you find a substitution or find another online business that has the amount you need.  We are always here to help! 

We are happy to accommodate any shipping requirements our customers request!

Another Word About Shipping...This is what I recently discovered when shopping around trying to find a lower rate in which to process credit cards.

The shipping charge also reflects the credit card processing fee. I recently after over 5 years of processing with the processor I am with now started shopping around for less expensive processors. Found one that came highly recommended to me and decided to sign up. Being skeptical and very protective of my customers and there personal information I decided to enter my own credit card in as an order and watch what happened. Boy and I glad I did...Here is what went on...
First it took 17 days for them to put the money into my bank account. (Keep in mind I have had an online business for over 5 years and been in business for over 16 years).  During that time they transferred the transaction along with my credit card number and information over to a second party processor (which I have found out is a standard practice among many of the less expensive processors I looked into). During this time my information was viewed by numerous people of whom I didn't not know. Finally after going through this I said no way. I am convinced this is one of the ways people get there credit cards compromised so often. So I kept my old processor. A little more expensive but when you give me your information it is only you and I that view it and then it is sent directly back to your credit card and then to my bank. To me that is the way it should be. 
I take protecting my customers and their information very, very seriously! I will only us the absolute safest processor to serve my customers period.

Your Privacy and Security

Under no circumstances will any of your information be given out, sold or shared in any fashion.  Your privacy and security is one of our top priorities here!  You can shop with confidence and peace of mind!

Gift Certificates

Tell a friend or family member to get you a gift certificate to Honeybeefabrics.com!  That way you are sure to get exactly what your heart truly desires!  Our elegant gift certificates come in any denomination you wish from $10.00 and up!  You can choose to have this sent to you so you may give the gift in person or have it sent to the person you are gifting! What a great surprise in the mail!

                                      Block of the Month Policy

If you are afraid of making a mistake, not to worry! If you make a small mistake on a particular piece of fabric, you can call or email and request a replacement. We are happy to accommodate when fabric is available provided this policy is not abused. If you make a large mistake, we usually have extra fabric available for you to purchase at a small price. Please just call or email and discuss it with me. Also please know that once the block is shipped out to you, there are no exchanges or refunds. Your credit card will automatically be billed monthly for the kits. This means there is no canellation during the duration of the program.

Unfortunately, there are a few out there that will abuse the above policy.  For those that do abuse the above policy you will be charged for the fabrics plus a $5.00 handling fee in addition to a shipping fee. There will be no refunds or exchanges after that either.


Honeybee Fabrics thanks you so much for your purchase!  We are committed to your happiness!  There are no returns on any purchase for a refund or for store credit. This includes all cut materials. Also due to copyright laws all sales are final on all books and patterns. If you have any questions regarding your order, please feel free to call or email us and we will be happy to answer any of your questions on your selections.

As always, the staff of Honeybee Fabrics is here for you!  If you have any questions or comments, please email us!  Just click on the "Contact Us" button on the home page!  We would be happy to hear from you!