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Beginning in June 2012! Sign up anytime!

It is with much happiness and delight that I announce that we are now beginning to carry Cosmo embroidery floss! This is my absolute favorite and I have tried many! Cosmo thread is made from the best grade of Egyptian cotton available and its texture and sheen is equal to that of silk. Cosmo floss doesn't twist and tangle like other flosses, and is easy to separate the strands for stitchery projects. Cosmo thread glides smoothly through fabric. I once read on a blog that after sewing with Cosmo floss, it was like going from driving a Pinto (other brands) to a BMW. Well I wouldn't know about the BMW but I know about the floss! This stuff is the best! Now of course we all need a stash...that way we can play around and experiment with color! This is very, very important for us as stitchers and artists! It is not fun to have to guess at colors now is it? This is why I have come up with the Cosmo Floss of the Month Club. You will never be left guessing or having to make due again! Also just think how you can take the strands and mix them for stems, leaves and so many special effects in your embroidery! Good times had by all! Here's how the program works...

Every month you will receive 25 of the most beautiful 6-strand skeins of Cosmo floss beginning with the greens! We will continue to automatically bill and send you 25 skeins in a color way each month until you have received all of the beautiful 443 colors! Now doesn't that sound wonderful! I hope you sign up and treat yourself! You really do deserve this!

Also, not to worry...when you run out of one of the strands, reordering is just a click or phone call away!

Oh and I also included a photo of the first month! Yummy!

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